Freedom is a vital and precious gift we all treasure! It lifts our vision above apparent limitations to new vistas of growth. Through freedom we experience our Oneness with God.

Today, we declare our freedom from the past, that’s one of the points we took away from the forgiveness workshop that was held this past Sunday. We open our mind to the new and expanded horizons and we trust in the Absolute Goodness of God to bless and enrich our tomorrows.

Your generosity of your time, treasure and talent to our ministry is deeply appreciated. It allows us to continue to reach out and up to touch the lives of many. THANK YOU! The words seem small as they appear on paper, yet these words reflect hearts filled with gratitude for your continuing faith in our work in the world. Truly you are a channel for the movement of God through all that we do. We rejoice that we are free to grow, to unfold and to express the Truth as we know it.

Let this be a day of FREEDOM for you- a day in which you look within and experience a new send of INNER-DEPENDENCE.

As the fireworks of God’s love fill your being, I rejoice in the Light you radiate! Thank you for being you.

In Thankfulness,

Rev. Charles M. Taylor,
Senior Minister


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