Something Bold

Something Bold

What a glorious Sunday we enjoyed together this past Sunday! Whether you were live in the Sanctuary or online, I promised you that something bold was happening at our center and thanks to all the teams we delivered. The new and exciting bold colors of Universal Truth Center was successfully launched. I hope you had the opportunity to see the new logo, cd covers, banner and the state of the art website to list a few changes. I hope you also had a chance to experience the new order of service. If not join us next Sunday and be a part of the ever expanding consciousness.

As we take flight with the energy of newness at the center we started a powerful lesson series for the month of August titled I AM a Boldly Inspired UTC Church Member. Have you ever thought about what it means to be a church member? Have you thought about what it means to be a Universal Truth Center church member? Stay connected this month to receive some insights to these questions.

I am truly humbled and excited that after much prayer, visioning, working with the Senior Staff, Board of Directors and the leadership that our purpose as a church has emerged. Our purpose in the world is: “We are here to boldly live a God-inspired life. We are a community that loves unconditionally, a place to heal and a space to grow, to create a world that works for everyone.”

The biblical-based principles we teach has empowered us to work to fulfill God’s will for every individual on the face of this earth to live a healthy, happy and prosperous. We hold this belief and commit firmly to its manifestation and I encourage you to stand with us and be a supportive part of this community as we journey together.


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