Rev. Charles M. Taylor

Senior Minister/CEO

The Rev. Charles Taylor is a charter member of UTC. Over the past 24 years, he has served this ministry in numerous capacities, lending his passion for fellowship and teaching to every effort. He teaches Better Living classes with a style that empowers adults and youth alike to think deeply about their spirituality and uncover their divine potential.

Rev. Dr. Anna M. Price


The Rev. Dr. Anna Price was ordained by the Universal Foundation for Better Living in November of 1997. In her capacity as the current Outreach Minister at UTC, “Rev. Anna” heads the Peace Alliance Ministry and the Freedom Ministry,

Rev. Jacqueline Hazél


As a charter member of UTC, Rev. Jacqueline Hazél has held many positions, including Administrative Assistant to the late Rev. Dr. Mary Tumpkin. Known for her passion for metaphysics, Rev. Hazél was ordained by the Universal Foundation for Better Living, in March 2022. She is Director of both UTC’s Spiritual Education Ministry and The Silver Fox Ministry.

The Universal Truth Center for Better Living, Inc. (UTC) is a member church of the Universal Foundation for Better Living, Inc., an International New Thought Christian organization consisting of churches, study groups, satellite centers, and discussion groups all dedicated to demonstrating the abundant life teachings of Jesus the Christ. A Bible-based New Thought Christian church, UTC follows the philosophy of Charles Fillmore, co-founder of the Unity School of Christianity, and offers the freedom and empowerment message of Jesus the Christ to all humanity without distinction. UTC is a diverse community of faith that lovingly embraces and accepts all people, regardless of their race, age, ethnic background, socio-economic status, gender, sexual orientation, or physical ability.


We are here to live a God-inspired life. We are a community that loves unconditionally, a place to heal, and a space to grow, to create a world that works for everyone.


The Universal Truth Center is a spiritual center in which the message of Jesus the Christ is reinterpreted and modeled in a relevant and practical way to empower and attract diverse ethnic and cultural communities.


To empower people to develop their potential by awakening their divine nature.


  • WE BELIEVE that it is God’s will that every individual on the face of this earth should live a healthy, happy and prosperous life.

  • WE BELIEVE that such a life is within the reach of each one of us and the way to its attainment begins with the realization that the Kingdom of God is within us, waiting for us to bring it into expression.

  • WE BELIEVE that we can bring this Kingdom forth by practicing the universal spiritual principles handed down through the ages and taught by our Way-Shower, Jesus Christ.

  • WE BELIEVE with Jesus that our experiences are the reflections of our beliefs and therefore the key to happy and successful living is right thinking followed by right action.

  • WE BELIEVE with Jesus that the basis for right thinking is LOVE – love of God and all that is good in our fellowmen and ourselves.


8:00AM – Bible Study
9:50 AM – Meditation
10:00 AM – Worship Celebration


We are located at
21310 NW 37th Avenue
Miami Gardens, FL 33056



We believe that every individual is potentially Divine. Our purpose is to recognize that Divinity and seek ways to bring it forth.


Our leaders regard themselves as servants of God and therefore render service to all people.


We help people to discover their gifts and then allow them the opportunity to exercise them.


We conduct all business as good managers of the resources entrusted to us. Honesty and integrity are the basis of all our transactions.


We are students of Truth and disciples of the Christ. Therefore, we are open and receptive and respective to the voice of Spirit as it speaks to us in various ways. 


We intentionally create an atmosphere of nurturing and support for each other.