August 4, 2021

Dear UTC Family:

As you know, Florida is in both a state of change and challenge. Both of these affect our church and our operations. The resurgence of the coronavirus, fueled by the extremely contagious Delta variant, has led the Board of Directors and I to a difficult but necessary decision to suspend in-person Sunday services and other scheduled events until further notice. We know that this is disappointing news, as we’ve only just returned to the sanctuary for live services. However, most of you have already continued to watch service online, expressing concern over the rising risk of exposure. We hear you and remain committed to serving in in loving support of our UTC community.

In the past week, we’ve also had two pipe bursts occur. We’ve discovered that a major re-piping is required to prevent a building-damaging plumbing failure. We will use this break from onsite activities to address this issue, so we can also ensure functioning restrooms and water service.

The delta variant spike has reignited fights over mask mandates, government restrictions, and vaccinations.  It’s happening behind closed doors in the state Capitol, in school board meetings and at private universities in South Florida, in corporate offices, and over dinner conversations. Even our President and Governor are trading barbs. This is not the way of our community of faith

We at UTC will simply stand in principle, work in faith and act with wisdom. We WILL continue in our mission to serve you.

It’s worth noting though, and this is important, that although COVID news and numbers are concerning we have all we need to weather this season. If you are vaccinated, your chance of getting severely ill is very low. Masking still works as does social distancing Most of all, we have faith in a God that will order our steps with wisdom and love.

The Board of Directors and I will be constantly meeting to determine the next steps.

As always, we will keep you informed. We are still planning to reopen Universal Academy on time and return to onsite Services shortly thereafter. Check our website and your email for updates. Until then, remember that God is in control and all is well here and now. Be safe. Be well. Be blessed.


Peace & Blessings,

Rev. Charles M. Taylor
Senior Minister, Universal Truth Center for Better Living